Budget Transparency

I've served on the City of Eugene Budget Committee since 2014. This page provides some information about the budget, as well as items I've advocated for.

For general budget information, go to the City's clear and simple web sites:

  • The Budget Committee: https://www.eugene-or.gov/budgetcommittee
  • The Budget: https://www.eugene-or.gov/budget

My work:

  • In 2017, I made a successful motion to fund an open budget tool – thank you to everyone who signed the petition. Eugene Open Budget now exists here: https://budget.eugene-or.gov/#!/year/default
  • I have advocated repeatedly for the inclusion of seismic upgrade estimates (in the event of a Cascadia earthquake) in our Unfunded Needs Assessment. I believe we're getting closer.
  • I have argued tirelessly for clearer connections between stated policy and spending priorities. 
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