Housing Affordability Strategy

This page describes my housing policy positions from the 2016 Eugene City Council campaign. For more information, see the Issues page.

We have a crisis of housing affordability in our community, as in many cities around the country. As a city councilor, I will push to address this challenge and its related policy challenges with this Housing Affordability Strategy, an integrated approach that addresses tenant rights, land use, downtown development, homelessness and more.

The problem

More than 30% of Oregon households are housing cost-burdened, which means that these households are spending more than a third of their income on housing. A significant number of those households spend 50% of their income on housing, making them especially vulnerable to employment or health-related disruptions. Wait lists for subsidized affordable housing have exploded. So while we have roughly 2,000-3,000 homeless people in the Eugene-Springfield area, we also have roughly 20,000 households that are housing cost-burdened.

Our housing challenges have complex connections to other community goals, so an effective strategy must be an integrated approach. My strategy has four elements:

  • Protect Vulnerable Populations
  • Shape Land Use
  • Innovation in Local Funding
  • Broader Affordability Strategies

For details of this strategy, click here to download the policy brief.

There are many similar strategy elements in the Obama Administration's recently released Housing Development Toolkit.


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