Meet Josh

I am a father of two children in 4J, a husband, and a neighbor. I want Eugene to be the most livable and sustainable city possible. My public service over the past decade has allowed me to contribute, and it has shown me our opportunities for getting even better. As a professional with expertise in sustainability and climate change, I bring important skills that relate to our present challenges.

My professional life for the past 15 years has centered on one idea:  that green business practices are a win for people, our environment, and the bottom line.  I moved to Eugene in 2000 to co-found Good Company, a consulting firm focused entirely on sustainable business.  The firm’s work has helped more than 75 companies and government agencies around the country make the business case for sustainability.  After leaving the firm in 2013, I have continued this work as both a private consultant and as faculty at the University of Oregon, where I teach sustainable business topics.

In my local community service, I have brought this experience to our local challenges to help make Eugene a place where working families and sustainable innovative businesses can thrive.  I want to help make more progress toward our community's strong shared values in forward-looking policies on transportation, land use, housing, and more.

Much of my inspiration is from my father, who immigrated to the U.S. just after World War II.  Niels Skov was born in Denmark, and as a young man joined the Danish resistance against the occupation by Nazi Germany.  Although Niels was a college professor throughout my childhood, the household carried a sense of history and the imperative to help others.  My professional and community service are, in many ways, an extension of that early upbringing.  Now, as a father of two young children myself, I see clearly how my service to our community is about their future. 

Current and past community service

I have served on a number of citizen advisory bodies. In those roles, I have helped guide our community to adopt triple bottom line thinking and policies that help the climate, the economy, and working families.

  • City of Eugene Budget Committee

  • EmX Steering Committee, advisory body to the board of Lane Transit District

  • Better Eugene-Springfield Transit (BEST), board of directors

  • Sustainability Commission - founding member, chair

  • Envision Eugene Technical Resource Group

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Citizen Advisory Committee

  • EWEB Integrated Electric Resource Plan Citizen Advisory Committee

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me; please return to this site as I provide more information on my positions. If you have questions, please get in touch at or 541-668-SKOV (7568).